NOTICE: Here at Neeley Family Distillery we have implemented cleaning procedures recommended by the CDC. These procedures are carried out by all of our staff to ensure a safe visitor experience. For customers wanting bottles without coming inside the distillery, we are offering curbside pickup. Just phone in your order from our parking lot with your credit card info and we will have it out to you in minutes. We also have hand sanitizer ready for pickup at the distillery. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these times.

Neeley Family Distillery Intro

      Neeley Family Distillery is a small family owned and operated venue located in the rolling hills of the Kentucky bluegrass. The Neeley Family has been distilling and bootlegging illegally in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky for Eleven generations until 2015, when Tenth Generation Roy Neeley and Eleventh Generation Royce Neeley took the family business legal for the first time ever. 

      Roy hand built the state of the art distillery himself in Sparta Kentucky, 1/2 mile from Interstate 71, a few miles from Belterra Casino, and 200 yards from the grandstands of the Kentucky Speedway where NASCAR fans come each year to watch high speed races. Royce, who is the Lead Distiller and possibly the youngest Distillery Owner in the World, makes his spirits the historic way with old family mash recipes using Pot Stills, Cypress Fermenters, Sweet Mash, only the finest local grains, the freshest Kentucky Limestone water, and the Neeley Family Yeast Strand which is propagated at the distillery. All of our spirits are non-chill-filtered, preserving the unique natural flavor of each one. 

      The Neeley Moonshine recipe is still revered as the best in the Eastern Kentucky Mountains, Roy and Royce uphold that same quality in the authentic spirits they distill today, the only difference is the taxes that are now paid. The Neeley Family is devoted to honoring the craft of their forefathers through the production of high quality spirits; the family is literally distilling history everyday. Through this devotion, Royce believes the Family is distilling some of the best Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey in the World

    The distillery provides an experience unlike any other, combining unparalleled illegal Kentucky distilling history, including centuries old family stills, newspaper articles, and guns, with state of the art custom distilling equipment designed after Royce’s great grandfather, Leonard Neeley’s Still. Neeley Family Distillery is currently producing two full 53 gallon barrels of Triple Pot Distilled Kentucky Bourbon and Rye Whiskey each day. Neeley Family Distillery is also producing Brandy and Moonshine which are being aged in used 10-year-old Kentucky bourbon barrels. Neeley Family Distillery a proud member and stop on the prestigious Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour and B-Line. Stop on by and experience this one of a kind Distillery for yourself. 

Robert David Royce Neeley

Robert Roy Lee Neeley

Earl "Pawpaw" Sizemore 

KENTucky single barrel bourbon

In 1740 James Neeley illegally distilled the first Neeley Family Whiskey in America using skills passed down to him by his Irish forefathers.  11 generations later our lead distiller Royce Neeley uses many of these same skills to distill the "Highest in Quality" Bourbon whiskey you are holding.  Our family bourbon is sweet mashed using fresh non-gmo local grains and pure Gallatin County, Kentucky limestone water.  It is then fermented in open-top cypress at cool temperatures, allowing our yeast ample time to produce their great flavors.  Royce then triple pot distills his bourbon on the grain, cutting out the impurities using his taste buds only; the traditional way.  Royce then enters his whiskey in local Kentucky made barrels and allows mother nature to take over.

Our bourbon is non chill filtered and bottled at barrel proof right out of the barrel, preserving the rich flavor of the bourbon (you might even see char dust from the barrel in bottle).  This bourbon is of the same high quality that has allowed our family distilling tradition to survive both legally and illegally 11 generations.

Pawpaw Sizemore's Kentucky Bourbon White Dog

This is the flagship bourbon recipe coming in at 110 proof. Well, our bourbon recipe before it becomes that beautiful Neeley Family Bourbon that is.



Crystal clear, like you would expect. Papaw on the front cover giving his stamp of approval.



Nice corn aroma right off the bat, followed by subtle earthy grains that help round it out.



Very sweet grain flavor at the front followed by a sweet corn that lingers through the finish. It has a nice warm hug that compliments the flavor.

AUTHENTIC kentucky moonshine

My Family’s bread and butter for over 100 years. This is my great grandfathers original shine recipe, which he altered from the old family recipe in 1913 with the addition of sugar. Still to this day, you can find some of this clear floating around illegally in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky; left over from a time when my family shot first and paid taxes…never. My great grandfather Leonard had a specific way he made his liquor, running it through his still 3 times with a thump keg attached. We use the same method today on copper pot stills we custom built allowing us to operate like my great grandpas still, a still that we have on display in our gift shop. Our moonshine contains all local grains, fresh Kentucky limestone water, and a unique yeast strand my family has been using for 150 years, which we propagate in our distillery. These factors together result in what is still known as the best liquor in the Kentucky Mountains, an extremely smooth and unique product that only a Neeley can make. Available legal for the first time ever in 2017.



Each label is hand written by a Neeley, where bottles and batches are individually numbered. Crystal clear moonshine so pure it attracts the eye, and magnifies our unique labels, which allow the consumer to view an article published in 1898 about a Neeley moonshiner. This unique article discusses my great-great grandpa Jesse Neeley, calling him a moonshiner who was known for shooting at all federal marshals who he encountered.



Light buttery corn paired with sweet cane and ripe granny smith apples.



120.2 proof heat burst forward in the front of the mouth followed by a relaxing and flavorful can and buttery sweet taste with no heat. There is no burn as it moves down the back of the palate and down the throat. It enters smoothly into the stomach where a heat sensation is felt. The over balance of cane flavor instead of corn allows this shine to mix well with any cocktail that is sweet or citrusy, unlike most shine that have an overbearing corn taste

Pawpaw Sizemore's Kentucky Salted Caramel Whiskey

This takes me back to the days of caramel apples as a kid. This sweet treat will have you reminiscing about the good ole days but at 70.2 proof don’t reminisce too much!



Caramel brown colored transparent liquid. Pawpaw Sizemore on the front welcoming you to try his favorite flavored whiskey.



Immediate caramel aroma followed by a hint of marshmallow and vanilla.


Like the nose, there is an immediate burst of salted caramel. This caramel then gives way to the light sugary flavor of toffee and burnt marshmallow.

Pawpaw Sizemore's Kentucky Cinnamon Whiskey

Do you remember sucking on cinnamon candy as a kid? This will certainly take you back to those days with a complimentary 71.2 proof kick!



Very bright red color inside the bottle. Papaw Sizemore on the cover daring you to try this offering!



Sweet cinnamon candy throughout. 


Huge cinnamon burst at the beginning followed by a natural sweetness from the grain that balances the flavor out and calms the cinnamon storm.

APPLE pie moonshine

Apple Pie flavored shine has become as unique on the illegal shine market as moonshine itself. You can line 100 illegal bootleggers and they will all have an apple pie flavored shine consisting of all different taste profiles. This is our master distillers take on what he thinks apple pie should taste like, a recipe he crafted when he was not so legal. Custom blended in house in batches of 100 gallons or less with all natural flavors used. Our moonshine it is the real deal stuff and will never freeze.



Individually numbered bottles and batches which are hand written on every bottle. Deep caramel cinnamon mix that looks like the crust on a freshly baked apple pie.



Crisp apple jumps out immediately followed by potpourri and hints of clove.



Mild apple at fore palate followed by a burst of brown sugar, cinnamon, cider, and clove all at once. Finishes with a smooth warm light apple that lingers on the palate.

lemon drop moonshine

Have you ever eaten a lemon head candy? That is the flavor our master distiller envisioned before he began developing our lemon drop moonshine; something different from the others. He takes natural lemon flavoring and incorporates it into a 100 gallon batch using our 11 generation moonshine, cane sugar, and pure limestone water. The result is a sweet lemon flavored moonshine with a flavor like you dipped a lemon in sugar then bit into it. Can be enjoyed on the rocks or used in various mixed drinks. As with all our moonshine it is the real deal stuff and will never freeze.



Individually numbered bottles and batches which are hand written on every bottle. Vibrant yellow coloring that stands out on a shelf that also showcases the transparency associated with moonshine.



Light floral lemon followed by a sweet and subtle maple.



Sweet fruit loops cereal flavor at the beginning followed by a more sweet than citrus lemon finish that lingers on the palate and warms in the stomach.

pink lemon drop moonshine

It seems that every moonshine distillery has a lemonade and pink lemonade moonshine. We wanted to think outside of the box. Our 120.2 proof moonshine mixes well due to its more powerful cane than corn flavor profile. We blend that shine right out of the still into small 100 gallon batches adding natural lemon and raspberry extracts to it along with cane sugar and some house secrets. What we discovered was a flavor profile very unique and different from the typical pink lemonade. As with all of our flavored shine we did not target a proof and simply let our taste buds guide us. Our moonshine it is the real deal stuff and will never freeze.



Individually numbered bottles and batches which are hand written on every bottle. Light pink color throughout that showcases the transparency associated with moonshine



Sweet extremely floral aroma that lingers in the nostrils



Sweet fruity pebbles cereal taste with a subtle burn at the end followed by hints of concentrated lemon and raspberry.

sweet tea moonshine

Anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line knows there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold glass of sweet tea. We take our natural sweet tea flavor then custom blend it in house with the perfect amount of sugar and of course our 11 generation family recipe shine, straight from the still, in 100 gallon or less batches. Our master distiller believes this recipe creates a sweet tea with a punch that can be enjoyed on the rocks as well as in cocktails. As with all our moonshine it is the real deal stuff and will never freeze.



Individually numbered bottles and batches which are hand written on every bottle. Light caramel brown that glows like the tea you used to enjoy as a kid in the southern summers.



Very sweet black tea aroma with hints of maple and candy sugar



Powerful cane sugar sweetness at the front of the palate followed by a vibrant black tea finish on the end that lingers on the tongue for seconds after. Followed by the subtle heat of the moonshine. Very balanced cane sugar to tea flavor.

SOUTHERN blackberry moonshine

A crowd favorite! Whether you are a fan of sweet flavors, or tend to enjoy something a little more mellow, the southern blackberry moonshine is sure to please. Our take on blackberry moonshine makes you feel like a kid in the candy shop. The subtle sweetness of southern blackberries mixed with the cane sugar notes of our 120.2 proof moonshine produces the perfect flavor palate.



Individually numbered batches which are hand written on every bottle. Vibrant purple, like the turn of your hand after picking blackberries from a grove on a summers eve.



Juicy berries dipped in sugar with hints of vanilla and rose.



Succulent blackberry juices at the front of the palate accompanied by a mellow sweetness, producing floral flavors which are followed by the subtle heat of moonshine.

Peach Cobbler

This will certainly remind you of you of your grandma’s peach cobbler after a hearty Sunday dinner. We can guarantee that Grandma never made her cobbler 72.2 proof!



Individually numbered bottles and batches which are hand written on every bottle. Vibrant amber color with the clarity of the moonshine it was made with.



Sweet peach aroma filled by baking spices. Finishes with a warm vanilla hint.



A huge shot of sweet peach fills your tastebuds followed by the warm hug and the sweetness of baked goods. A very balanced flavor.

southern dew CHOCOLATE moonshine truffle

The chocolate Moonshine truffle is a perfect blend consisting of an Irish cream base with chocolate fudge, vanilla, and walnut flavors. This cream spirit is suited for any occasion in any season. Our chocolate truffle should have a shelf life of well over two years and does not need to be refrigerated.



Individually numbered batches which are hand written on every bottle. A dark bottle to protect the cream base from direct sunlight and compliment the cream-colored label. The spirit itself is a milky cream color enriched with hints of a chocolatey brown.



Strong chocolate cream scent with hints of walnut, vanilla, and fudge.



A delicate creamy chocolate fudge in the front followed by vanilla and walnut flavors. The spirit coats your mouth and tongue leaving a sweet taste with hints of moonshine to savor.

TOURS: $10

On our tour, Royce Neeley will teach you about our unique family history, followed by a guided walk through the distillery by a family member to see our day to day operations. The tour concludes with a tasting of our spirits made on site at our distillery. When available tastings of our white dog from the still and our fermenting mash will be included (If you are lucky you might even meet Pawpaw!).

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Walk-ins are also welcome (parties of 10 or more please call ahead).

Tours are every hour on the hour. Last tour is one hour before closing.

For inquires about private tours, private or corporate  catered events, please call for more information. 


Don't forget to take home a bottle of our Neeley Family Distillery Bourbon.  PS, you get to bottle it. A perfect unique gift for any occasion.

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