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The Distillery

Our distillery provides an experience unlike any other, combining unparalleled illegal Kentucky distilling history, including centuries old family stills, newspaper articles, and guns, with state of the art custom distilling equipment designed after Royce’s great grandfather, Leonard Neeley’s Still. Neeley Family Distillery is currently producing two full 53 gallon barrels of Triple Pot Distilled Kentucky Bourbon and Rye Whiskey each day. Neeley Family Distillery is also producing Brandy and Moonshine which are being aged in used 10-year-old Kentucky bourbon barrels. Neeley Family Distillery a proud member and stop on the prestigious Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour and B-Line. Stop on by and experience this one of a kind Distillery for yourself. 


The only pre-ban Absinthe Still located in North America. This still was built in France in 1890 and is currently in use at Neeley Family Distillery.

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